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Function adds extra functionality to for IT professionals and anyone else who works with hierarchical structures.  The function takes your base data and adds subtotals from the hierarchical structures you define.  This is far beyond the simple subtotal function within Excel which can only deal with a single structure level. This function can even work with 2 structures at the same time.

This application was designed for use with cost centre structures and chart of account hierarchies.  It has since been used for Inventory/Product Family reporting as well as many other uses.

The easiest way to assess this application is to download the free 7 day ad supported version and try the example that is included. Please use the Support link from this website if you require help. The ads should be unobtrusive and useful.

This application has been tested using software solutions and is compatible with Microsoft Excel versions 2003 and 2000. It may also be compatible with other versions of Excel. Please contact us to download the trial version of this software. These details will be used solely to manage the licensing of this trial application.

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Software SolutionsWhy Microsoft Excel? Excel is a very powerful application - through functions and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros. Excel really can be a core part of your decision making process. It also continues to be vital for Financial Analysis, Management Accounting and Cost Accounting.